A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In December 2020 (5 months as of writing this), I decided to start chasing my childhood dream to become a video game developer. I started my learning curve by developing my very own 2D video game engine and I'm still working on it with enthusiasm. Since the engine is nothing without a game, I was developing a small platformer game demo to test my work and have some feedback. 
Now I've decided to make it public.
Since this game is just to test my work, the player can't die :) Also, there is no save yet because the whole game is only 2 levels and lasts about 5 minutes :)

The game will continuously receive updates as I fix bugs, polish, and add new features to the engine (particle system is up next!).

The source code together with my engine can be found on my Github

I hope you will enjoy it, and I'm very happy to receive any feedback as it's an important part of learning.

Assets used for the game:


I've also taken part in the 48. Ludum Dare, here is my game I made for alone in 48 hours using the same engine:


The map editor I'm using (and supported by the engine):



  • Mac OSX version added
  • New, fancy coin pickup effect
  • Bugfixes, performance improvements
  • Camera adjustments


  • Collision performance improvements
  • Loading time dramatically decreased
  • Small fine tunings
  • Restart option temporarily removed on the game finished screen

Install instructions

There is no installer, just download the file for your OS, uncompress and run the PlatformerGame executable


PlatformerMacOSX.zip 48 MB
PlatformerDemo.zip 48 MB


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Accidentaly found a way to get those assets for free if you can click one button for like 657572365482635 hours