A downloadable game

This is a short game I created for Ludum Dare 48: Deeper and Deeper.

The game is called Mullet Time, where you have to jetpack through danger, shoot up enemies using handgun, machine gun and shotgun, collect ammo/fuel and survive while progressing down the cavern. Don't touch the lava!

The game was entirely created by me in 48 hours using my own game engine: Monolith engine..
Sprites and animations were created by me using Aseprite.
I use LDtk map editor to create my 2D maps.

Sound effects: https://sfxr.me/ 
Music: https://ecrettmusic.itch.io/ecrett-music

Source code of game and more details can be found on my Github.
Source code for my 2D video game engine: Monolith Engine

I also have another game demo showcasing the engine:


2021.04.26 Bugfix after deadline : the spartan kick that is essential to progress wasn't always triggered, it had to be fixed. Github commit:  d570f85

Install instructions

Download the zip and run MulletTime.exe


MulletTime.zip 38 MB


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I really enjoyed the Sparta kick. Amazing :)
I like how the Sparta kick teaches the player how to kick with right-click. Learning by doing is really powerful.

I like how the game is relatively forgiving with the powerups and lives. It's not too unfair, but definitely challenging at the same time.

If I were to try improvements, I think that the jetpack UI could be close to the player so that I don't need to read the corners of the screen. Also, I felt inclined to kick the 2nd enemy, but it didn't feel effective enough, so I resorted to the gun.

The shotgun was fun to use. I used the recoil to dodge bullets :)

The music bops. I like it :)